What is the most scary youtube channel?

What is the most scary youtube channel? 

100 Horror Youtube Channels for Scary Stories, Ghosts, and Unexplained Mysterious Videos
  • Mr Creepy Pasta.
  • Mr.
  • CreepsMcPasta | A Horror Movie In Your Mind.
  • CryptTV | Horror Short Films.
  • Halloween Horror Nights.
  • Lazy Masquerade | Horror Videos.
  • Dark5 – Greatest mysteries of this world and beyond.
  • Insomniak | Scary Videos.

What are some creepy Youtube channels? 

7 Weird and Really Creepy Youtube Channels
  • 1- Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.
  • 2- David Firth.
  • 3- How To Basic.
  • 4- MrCreepyPasta.
  • 5- You Suck At Cooking.
  • 6- Insane Cherry.
  • 7- Happy Tree Friends.

Who are the weirdest Youtubers? 

25 Strangest YouTube Channels
  • David Firth.
  • You Suck At Cooking.
  • theLittleFears.
  • Insane Cherry.
  • Autumn Asphodel.
  • Memory Hole.
  • Elastic Spastic Plastic Fantastic.
  • toiletfan1.

What is a YouTube ARG? An ARG—also known as an alternate reality game—is a form of storytelling that uses interactive media like social media accounts and videos to tell a story. The Internet is full of ARG accounts that use social media apps like Twitter and video-based websites like YouTube to tell their stories.

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Is inside a mind real?

James C. Foster (born: May 19, 1996 (1996-05-19) [age 26]), better known online as Inside A Mind, is an English commentary YouTuber who has gained popularity on YouTube for his eclectic blend of vlogging entries, including horror story theory discussions.

Where can I watch Crypt TV?

The series premiered exclusively on Peacock in October 2021, featuring Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) as director for the first four episodes.

Who else is like Mr Ballen?

  • Lazy Masquerade. 1,312 listeners. Related Tags.
  • Thoughty2. 3,058 listeners. Related Tags.
  • CreepsMcPasta. 325 listeners. Related Tags.
  • SunnyV2. 6,222 listeners. Related Tags.
  • Nexpo. 4,910 listeners. Related Tags.
  • WatchMojo.com. 13,101 listeners. Related Tags.
  • Fascinating Horror. 387 listeners. Related Tags.
  • Mr. Nightmare. 2,410 listeners.

Who is atrocity guide?

Atrocity Guide is a YouTube channel that documents internet oddities and obscure sagas that have transpired in the digital age.