What is Domo Youtube?

What is Domo Youtube? 

Is Domo any good? Domo has amazing visualization tools, I can see my numbers (and drill down) from my phone, and the Domo team can connect any of our datasets to our dashboard. With this platform you can see specific statistics, almost even the smallest things that you can see.

How can I use Domo for free? 

Create your Domo account now—no credit card required.

Try Domo for free.

  1. Rapid Setup. Launch and power up your data in minutes.
  2. Connect and transform. Securely connect and normalize data.
  3. Visualize and analyze. Create and share KPIs in real time.
  4. Build and extend. Build custom apps and share data.

How do you use Domo? 

What is Domo Youtube? – Additional Questions

Is Domo easy to learn?

Domo is as simple as connecting your data and building a “card” – a sort of mis easy to create and read reports on analytics and social media for the client.

What is Domo for?

Intro. Domo is the Business Cloud. It is a mobile, cloud-based, social, community-driven business intelligence platform with the power to transform the way you manage your business. Domo can help you view data in one place, democratize across your organization, socialize important goals, and create accountability.

How is Domo different than tableau?

When analyzing and building a simple visualization, Domo is able to process the data, build a visualization, and publish or share it in a matter of minutes while Tableau can take 15 or 20 minutes more to perform the same functions. Governance: Tableau does have tools that enable governance.

How do I run a report in Domo?

In the Admin Settings > Scheduled Reports > Reports tab, you can open any schedule version of a report in your company’s Domo for editing. You can edit the schedule or recipients, or enable or disable the report version. To edit a scheduled version for a report, Click More > Admin.

How do I create a report in Domo?

What is Domo in visualization?

Domo’s data visualization software lets you see data from any corner of your business in one easy-to-use platform. But it doesn’t end there—Domo connects directly to data right where it lives and feeds your critical metrics with real-time information, so you can make faster, better-informed decisions.

What is Domo similar to?

Competitors and Alternatives to Domo
  • Microsoft Power BI.
  • Tableau Desktop.
  • Qlik Sense.
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite.
  • Sisense Fusion Analytics.
  • Microstrategy.
  • TIBCO Spotfire.
  • IBM Cognos Analytics.

Does Domo require coding?

Self-service Analytics. Create customizable, interactive, and branded data stories to guide users through data analysis—no coding required. Access your data from native iOS and Android Domo apps.

When was Domo popular?

According to Google Trends, though, Domo’s online popularity reached its peak in 2004. This could be because fame is fleeting — one day you’re in, the next day you’re out. It’s more likely, however, that Domo simply forged a path that other yura-chara perfected.

Is Domo still popular in Japan?

Why is Domo called Domo?

The name “Domo” was acquired during the second episode of his show, in which a TV announcer said “dōmo, konnichiwa” (どーも、こんにちは), which is a greeting that can be translated as “Well, hello there!”, but which can also be interpreted as “Hello, Domo”, and thus is a convenient pun (dajare).

Is Domo a boy or girl?


Who created DOMO?

Recently, I talked about Domo’s peculiar rise with Tsuneo Goda, who created Domo. The 41-year-old commercial director from Tokyo was in Minneapolis to meet with Target and Domo’s U.S. licenser. As it turns out, Domo’s road from cult figure to Target (in 1,600-plus stores) is a little complicated.

What game is DOMO from?

Crash-Course Domo is a DSiWare video game by Nintendo. The game stars the popular NHK character Domo as the playable character.

What brand is DOMO?

DOMO is the electronics brand of the family-owned company Linea 2000. The story begins in 1986, when Linea 2000 opens as an importer of various brands of household electronics.

Who bought Domo?

Codan Limited has announced its intention to acquire 100% of the shares in U.S.-based company, DTC, from a private equity company. The acquisition is expected to be completed by April 30, 2021, subject to regulatory conditions typical for transactions of this nature.

Is Domo a good company to work for?

Domo is ranked #58 on the Best Companies to Work For in Utah list. Zippia’s Best Places to Work lists provide unbiased, data-based evaluations of companies.