What channel is WWYD on?

What channel is WWYD on? 

American Broadcasting Company
What Would You Do? / Network

The American Broadcasting Company is an American commercial broadcast television network. It is the flagship property of the ABC Entertainment Group division of The Walt Disney Company.


Is what would you do staged? Created by Chris Whipple, the show with a social experiment format follows the reactions of passing strangers as they encounter conflict or illegal activity in a public setting, unaware that it is all staged and being recorded with hidden cameras.

What happened to what would you do? stacks up against other ABC TV shows. As of August 20, 2022, What Would You Do? has not been cancelled or renewed for a 17th season. Stay tuned for further updates.

What is the purpose of the show what would you do? Beginning as a feature in ABC’s Primetime newsmagazine series, the What Would You Do? TV show explores how people react to strangers in uncomfortable circumstances. With hidden cameras at the ready, actors play out various scenarios, in front of unwitting bystanders.

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Has what would you do been canceled?

What Would You Do? has been renewed for a 15th season which will debut August 9, 2019.

Where to watch what would you do episodes?

Full Episodes | Watch the Latest Online – ABC.com.

What would you do teacher hits on student cast?

What would you do next episode?

Episode 1
What Would You Do? / Upcoming episode

Who is the host of Wwyd?

John Quiñones is host of What Would You?, author, broadcast journalist and motivational speaker. Visit our blog, calendar, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. WWYD is the latest phase in a television news career spanning 35 years.

Where is what would you do filmed?

Filmed primarily in New Jersey and New York.