How do you prepare for the Savage Race?

How do you prepare for the Savage Race? 

Three Core Workouts That Will Improve Your Obstacle Completion Rate
  1. 5 Rounds for Time: 5 Strict Pull-Ups* 10 Flutter Kicks.
  2. Every Minute on the Minute, For 10 Minutes: 30 Second Plank Hold* 30 Seconds of Air Squats (even minutes) / 30 Seconds of Lunges (odd minutes)
  3. As Many Rounds As Possible in 40 Minutes: 1/4 Mile Run.

What is a Savage Race? WHAT IS SAVAGE RACE? A Race unlike any other and an experience like nothing else.

How hard is a Savage Race? Completing a 5-7 mile course with 25+ obstacles is no easy feat. No matter how hard it is, how long it takes, or how much you may want to give up, conquering Savage Race will leave you feeling very proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Can beginners do savage races? If you haven’t already completed the first Savage Anywhere challenge series, you might want to start there first. However, you it’s totally fine to start with this one.

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How much does a Savage Race cost?

Registration: $40 online or $50 on-site. One spectator pass is included.

What is the hardest obstacle course race?

The Spartan Death Race is arguably the most difficult obstacle course race in the world. This race is so difficult that many times, only about 10% of the participants actually finish the race. This highly unpredictable race takes place in Pittsfield, Vermont and the course varies from year to year.

How long does a Savage Race take?

Overview “25 world class obstacles, crammed into a 4-6 mile course.”, Nationwide locations
Upcoming See all upcoming events at the bottom of the page.
Kids Jr. Savage kids race available for 13 and under
Age 14+
Distance 4-6 miles

What should I eat before a Savage Race?

What to eat before a race. A carbohydrate rich meal in the 2-3 hours before an event will ensure that the body’s fuel (glycogen) stores are topped up ahead of the race. Suitable options include foods such as cereal with milk, porridge, baked beans or toast with jam or nut butter.

How deep is the water in Savage Race?

This 15 foot high dive into a 15 foot deep pool requires even the bravest to face their fears and take the plunge. Stick around long enough and you’ll probably see some pretty awesome front and back flips off of the platform into the pool below.

What happens if you fail obstacle in Savage Race?

Any obstacle directly bypassed without solid attempt will be grounds for disqualification from age group medals. Time Limit – To be eligible for awards and cash prizes, SavagePRO athletes MUST cross the finish line before 11:30am (10:30am for Florida and Ohio).

What’s the difference between Savage Race and Savage Blitz?

Savage Blitz is an obstacle-packed, 3 mile version of Savage Race. Savage Blitz is available on Saturdays and Sundays in select Savage Race locations. WHO SHOULD RUN BLITZ? “@SAVAGERACE of all the races i’ve been in, yours had the best spacing between obstacles.”

How old do you need to be to do a Savage Race?

Participants understand and acknowledge that Savage Race is an extreme event and accept all risks associated with the event. Participants must be physically able to complete the course and all obstacles attempted. No participants under the age of 13 on race day.

Do you get medal for Savage Race?

You can receive a new Syndicate medal after every qualifying race (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on) in the same calendar year.

Does Savage Race have water stations?

**Please note that there will be three on-course hydration stations and water at the finish line. If you feel that you will need more water, please provide your own hydration pack. As noted on our event page, official Savage Race parking is available for $10 per car space & $25 for RVs.

How long is savage blitz?

Participants have two hours from the start of the last wave to complete the course.

Who owns Savage Race?

Sam Abbitt – Founder and CEO – Savage Race | LinkedIn.