How do I convert YouTube to iTunes?

How do I convert YouTube to iTunes? 

Steps on How to Convert YouTube to iTunes on Mac:
  1. Step 1Launch the Software. Download, install and launch the best YouTube to iTunes converter for Mac.
  2. Step 2Copy URL of YouTube Video.
  3. Step 3Download YouTube Music/Videos.
  4. Step 4Select an Output Format.
  5. Step 5Convert YouTube to iTunes.
  6. Step 6Transfer YouTube to iTunes.

How do I convert music from YouTube to my iPhone? 

Ways to Download Music from YouTube to iPhone:
  1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video.
  2. Now go to Ace Thinker (a YouTube to MP3 converter), and paste the URL that you’ve just copied. Click on the orange-colored download button.
  3. Now you’ve to transfer the downloaded music file from your computer to your iPhone or iPad.

How do you convert YouTube Music to iTunes for free? 

Convert YouTube Video to iTunes Free
  1. Copy YouTube URL to Download. Get Youtube Downloader, install and run Freemake video utility.
  2. Convert to Apple devices. In Freemake video app click “Paste URL”.
  3. Transfer YouTube to iTunes. Click “Download & Convert” to convert YouTube video to iTunes free.

How do I transfer music to Apple Music? Launch the Music app from your Mac’s Launchpad or the Dock. From the menu bar, press File > Import. In the Finder pop-up, locate the music files (or folder containing music files) that you want to add to your Apple Music collection. Press Open to add the files.

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How do you download music off of YouTube onto your phone?

Manually Download Songs from YouTube Music on Android

To download a playlist or album, you can tap the 3-dot menu behind the playlist or album and then tap Download. You can also enter the album or playlist details page and then tap the download button to download it.

How do you convert songs from YouTube?

Step 1: Go to Copy and paste the Youtube URL for the video or song you want to convert to mp3 and download, in the box. Hit the “Convert” button. Step 2: If you want to download only the audio (just the song, podcast or audiobook), go to the Audio tab and click the “Download” button.

Can you copy music from YouTube?

While most YouTube media downloaders have restrictions that prevent them from downloading copyrighted audio, you can use an app called 4K Video Downloader app to rip music from any YouTube video or you can also use the VLC Media Player to download the video and rip it to the MP3 format.

Is downloading MP3 from YouTube illegal?

Technically, it is not illegal to convert a Youtube video to MP3 – but it is illegal to download a copyrighted music video. But Youtube has said that ‘stream-ripping’ is a violation of their Terms of Service and both Youtube and Google have attempted to shut down several websites that offer converter services.

Can you download music from YouTube Music?

YouTube Music offers two possibilities to download songs. You can choose a specific song, album, or playlist to download or turn on the “smart downloads” feature. The second option will automatically download your favorite music.

Why can’t I download my music from YouTube Music?

So, if you are trying downloading songs from YouTube Music using your mobile bandwidth, please check if this feature is enabled in YouTube Music. Go to the YouTube Music app, then tap on your avatar, next select Library & downloads under Settings, and disable this feature if it is enabled.

Where can I download music from YouTube?

Anywhere you see a playlist or album within the YouTube Music app, tap Menu and select Download. You can also click the download arrow on the album or playlist details page.

How do I download music from YouTube without premium?