Can you get paid to transcribe YouTube videos?

Can you get paid to transcribe YouTube videos? We provide YouTube video transcription, captioning, and subtitling. Let a skilled YouTube transcriber at GoTranscript free up your time for more critical activities! Get the transcription files via email!

How do I transcribe a YouTube video for free? 

Use YouTube’s Free Transcription Feature
  1. Log into YouTube Studio.
  2. Select ‘Subtitles’ from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the video to which you want to enable or edit subtitles.
  4. From the ‘Subtitles’ section, click the three dots.
  5. Review the text and edit whatever is inaccurate or unnecessary.

How do you transcribe YouTube videos fast? One of the easiest and fastest ways to transcribe a YouTube video is to use an automatic transcription tool. These tools take videos and transcribe their audio for you. They also transcribe audio-only files like podcasts.

How do I auto generate transcripts from YouTube? 

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Does YouTube automatically create a transcript?

​​ YouTube can automatically transcribe your video using the Auto-sync feature. Once transcribed, they encourage creators to edit the transcript, since the wording generated is not always precise.

How long does it take for YouTube to transcribe a video?

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the auto-generated transcript appear. Depending on the length of the video, it may take 20-30 seconds for the entire transcript to finish.

Do all YouTube videos have transcripts?

Finding the transcript option for a YouTube video is relatively simple. However, not all videos will have transcripts. Only those with closed captioning allow you to see one. Keep in mind that many videos have automatic transcripts that may not always be of the best quality.

Why does my YouTube video not have a transcript?

Keep in mind that transcripts are only available for videos with closed captioning. YouTube has Google’s speech recognition software for automatically generated transcription for most of the videos as soon as they are uploaded.

How do you get a YouTube transcript without subtitles?

Opening & Viewing a YouTube Video Transcript
  1. Navigate to YouTube and open the video that you want transcribed.
  2. Locate and click the three horizontal dots below the video. They should be next to the Share and Save buttons.
  3. Clicking the dots pulls up a short menu. Click Open transcript.

How do you get a YouTube transcript without timestamp?

How do I convert YouTube transcripts to Word?

Highlight your mouse over the text, then click and drag downwards in the caption box to highlight all of the text. Then, copy the text and paste it into a Word document by right clicking in the document and choosing Paste as Plain Text.

How do I get my YouTube transcript from 2022?

How do you transcribe a video?

Is there an app to transcribe a video?

Otter is the app that records audio and provides its transcripts in real-time. It works perfectly well with prerecorded audio and video files. This online app also has iOS and Android compatible versions that you can use on smartphones as well.

Is there a way to convert video to text?

First, upload your video. Second, click ‘Auto Transcribe’. Then, download as txt. After that, you can open it with Word and save it as doc. or docx.

Can you transcribe a video into text?

Yes, of course, you can! With Happy Scribe, you can easily copy and paste the video link that you want to transcribe into our editor and convert your YouTube Video to text instantly.

Is transcribe app free?

No ads! Download Transcribe today and get 15 minutes free transcription. Use it just once to realize how much time can be saved at work, school or university!

Is Google transcribe free?

You can transcribe audio using Google Docs. It’s free, but not all that accurate. You can transcribe audio using Google Docs. It’s free, but not all that accurate.

Where can I transcribe for free?

3 Free Transcription Tools You Can Try
  • OTranscribe. OTranscribe is a free, open-source tool that can be used straight out of your web browser.
  • Express Scribe. Express Scribe is a popular industry tool designed for professional transcribers.
  • The FTW Transcriber.
  • Inqscribe.
  • Transcribe.

What programs do transcriptionists use?

Top Free Transcription Software
  • Descript.
  • Rewatch.
  • Sonix (
  • Trint.
  • Maestra.
  • Versational.

How long does it take to transcribe 1 hour of audio?

When it comes to individual transcribers, the average time to transcribe one hour of audio is approximately four hours. But, some transcribers quote four hours as the minimum since it can easily reach 10 hours. Transcription time by audio hour varies so much mostly because each audio file is different.