Can I watch ER on YouTube?

Can I watch ER on YouTube? Watch ER online | YouTube TV (Free Trial)

How can I watch ER Season 1? Watch ER Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

What are the most common conditions treated in the ER? 

Ten Common ER Visits
  1. Headaches. The number one and the most common ER visit is due to headaches.
  2. Foreign Objects in the Body.
  3. Skin Infections.
  4. Back Pain.
  5. Contusions and Cuts.
  6. Upper Respiratory Infections.
  7. Broken Bones and Sprains.
  8. Toothaches.

Is Trauma Life in the ER real? Trauma: Life in the E.R. is a documentary series on what it’s like in a hospital emergency room. It is not a drama series with actors and scripts. Those are real people and real doctors. All the blood and all the wounds you see on this show are absolutely real.

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Why did they stop filming Trauma Life in the ER?

TLC stopped producing new episodes largely because the show was expensive and time-consuming to produce in comparison to other reality shows (each episode took 1–2 months to shoot and 3 months to edit, though several camera crews worked simultaneously at hospitals around the country and each hospital’s shooting footage

What is the code blue?

A “blue code” is defined as any patient with an unexpected cardiac or respiratory arrest requiring resuscitation and activation of a hospital-wide alert.

What is considered trauma in the ER?

While the ER treats a wider variety of ailments, ranging from non-life threatening injuries to potential heart attacks and strokes, a trauma center is equipped to handle the most serious of conditions such as car accident injuries, gunshot wounds, traumatic brain injuries, stab wounds, serious falls, and blunt trauma.

What year was Trauma Life in the ER filmed?

Trauma: Life in the E.R. (TV Series 1997– ) – IMDb.

What is considered trauma in a hospital?

Trauma care teams treat patients that have critical injuries threatening life or limbs. These severely injured patients often require multi-disciplinary, comprehensive emergency medical services. Trauma surgeons have advanced training in procedures of a critical and invasive nature.

Is a trauma nurse the same as an ER nurse?

While ER nurses can treat trauma patients in small and mid-sized hospitals, a trauma nurse is a specialist who will only rotate through trauma rooms and assist the trauma team of doctors and lab professionals in a facility.

Which is harder ICU or ER nurse?

While the ICU might be slightly slower than an ER at times, a lot of nurses would argue that they are both very intense and require expert critical thinking skills. Both settings can see specific patients that have a variety of different illnesses and both care for patients with life-threatening diseases.

How many patients does an ER nurse have?

“Out of ratio” means that a nurse is assigned too many patients. California is the only state that caps the number of patients that can be assigned to a single nurse. Under state requirements, for instance, an ICU nurse can have no more than two patients and an emergency room nurse, no more than four.

Do ER nurses do stitches?

In addition, ER nurses must have excellent assessment skills and most know how to perform and read cardiac rhythms and 12-lead EKGs. These nurses assist in minor operative procedures performed in the emergency room such as suturing, chest tube placement, casting broken bones and intubation.

What are ER nurses like?

It’s way more work than it looks like on paper

Traditionally, nurses work 12-hour shifts, three shifts a week. It’s less than a 40-hour work week, but it’s exhausting. There’s virtually no downtime and you’re physically on your feet, running around during the entire shift.

What its like to work in the ER?

Working in an emergency room (ER) requires astute assessment skills, flexibility and the ability to function in a high stress department. Highly skilled, compassionate healthcare providers staff the emergency department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What do ER nurses do on a daily basis?

An ER nurse’s primary responsibility is to identify medical issues, determine severity, and provide immediate support to minimize negative long-term effects and, if necessary, even sustain life. An ER nurse is one of the first responders when a patient is admitted to the emergency room.

How many patients does an ER nurse see in a day?

Per shift the ER I work for sees about 50 pts so about 100 total for a 24 hr period. Depends on the trauma level of the facility. Trauma 1’s are typically 60-100 beds. Trauma 4’s can be as small as 6-8 beds.

Do nurse practitioners clean up poop?

Why do you love emergency nursing?

Although working in the ER might be too fast-paced for some nurses, I have found it to be an incredibly rewarding field. As an ER nurse, I have learned valuable leadership, communication and critical thinking skills, while also expanding my nursing knowledge and expertise in a variety of specialties.

Is being an ER nurse exciting?

Emergency nurses (ER Nurses) are on the frontlines with repeat visitors, the angry and intoxicated, and all the complainers. The hours can be long and the work is rarely predictable. But, so much of what makes it tough also makes it rewarding.

Why Emergency nursing is different from others?

Emergency nursing brings all of a nurse’s training and experience to bear in caring for patients on days many describe as the worst day of their lives. These patients never “planned” to visit the emergency department (ED) on their way to work or to pick up their children, or on a day they’d planned for fun and friends.